We’re Up Next

This painting was a treat to do! For one thing, it’s so great to paint large-scale after doing all the little “dailies” which are 5 X 7″.(This one is 30 X 20″ ). Another is that I really appreciate the bond between horse and rider, and I think that’s what was the driver for me to paint this at all. 
Thirdly, I enjoyed painting all the gear;  leather & silver, rawhide and horsehair, straw and denim.  Such rich textures with rich history. 
Not sure it’s finished. Should I lay in a big of sky behind?  Am sitting with it for now.

30″ X 20″ on 300lb Fabriano

One thought on “We’re Up Next

  1. Elizabeth

    I personally enjoy painting with watercolors and leaving a white background sometimes….. To me it seems that the viewer can get more lost in the details if there’s no background or suggestion of background that could be a distraction. But that’s just me and I like to think of what I’m trying to illustrate when I’m making the decision of having a background or not having a background …


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