Weekend Wanderings

Instead of a painting, am offering 2 photos, with apologies.  Spent the weekend in Nanton, High River, Black Diamond and points in between.  And there was absolutely no time to paint.  I did get some neat photos though, and will be attempting to paint from them for future posts.  

Here are the Nanton elevators….still standing and still looking like all the elevators in all the small prairie towns did 25 years ago. 

 The reason I was there, was for the Ranch Rodeo, and was it ever awesome.  Ranches from B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan enter teams and they compete against each other in events that closely relate to actual ranch work, like doctoring and milking a ranch cow (now THAT can get western!), and there’s a big emphasis on gear and horsemanship.  It’s a real family affair,as the photo shows.  If you ever get a chance, get yourself to a ranch rodeo.

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