Under the Evening Sky

Branding day starts before daylight, so we can get done while the day is still cool; easier on the calves…..and the crew  So the horses have to be gathered the night before. Here we are in the June dusk, at 10 o’clock at night bringing in the horses. They’ll be waiting at the corrals when the guys get there at 5:30.

There’s magic in the long days and short nights of June, the dampness and relative green of the prairie when we’ve had a good spring, the sound of horses hooves pounding home on  prairie sod, the nighhawks diving and booming overhead. Magic in and under the evening sky. 

If you’d like to own this original watercolour, email Gena with your bid today! gena03@telusplanet.net  Minimum bid $100 (plus gst and shipping). First bid, or highest bid wins the painting.

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