Under A Winter Moon

Under a Winter MoonWe recently had another fabulous full moon, and I simultaneously came across a photo I’d taken of the tipis at our annual Aboriginal Days celebration.  I woke up this morning with the notion of combining the 2 ideas….probably partly inspired by  the long dark nights and the attraction that brings to fire and heavenly bodies.


5 thoughts on “Under A Winter Moon

  1. Renee

    I love the perspective with the large teepee in front and the path of tepees leading our eyes to the moon. The yellow on the moon and on the teepees make my eyes dance through the painting. The man on the moon looks very proud of his work. Stunning colours, Gena. The moon this week is especially bright and stunning. A grand depiction! Thanks for sharing again. I hope this new website works out well for you! Renee

    1. Gena Post author

      Renee, thanks for checking up on my blog and for your insightful feedback. you’re always so supportive. Hope your school year is going well and that you’re getting some time to paint!! Will I see you this w/e at the Medalta Christmas fair? Look me up if you get there.

  2. Renee

    Great to see you there, Gena. Your larger pieces are so stunning. I wish I had the money to invest in them. My husband and I would just love one of your larger horse paintings. The colours, the lighting, the composition… Just wonderful! Your passion for horses really shows…keep painting what is in your heart…paint the way that makes you feel the happiest…don’t ever change because others tell you to try this and that.

    From an amateur who understands the struggle and happiness of creating art.

    For now, I will have to keep buying your cards, until that magical day when I can afford one of your originals!


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