Tyler @ the CS Ranch

Well, here it is so far.  I’m not sure that it’s done.  I may put a pale blue-mauve glaze over the background, to set it further back….Think I’ll put it away for a few days & then decide.   Maybe you have an opinion on that out there!?  Also unsure as to what the title is.  Usually that comes to me as I paint it, but…..not much has come this time.  So for now, this is it. Hope your weekend is as enjoyable as mine. 
Oh, and thank you ALL who visit my blog; today the number of you who have visited this blog reached 30,000.  To me, that is astounding.  I’m so grateful to you all for your interest and your support!

14 X 20″ om watercolour board

3 thoughts on “Tyler @ the CS Ranch

  1. Artist, Gena LaCoste

    So is it finished John? Or should I grey down the background? And thanks so much for your kind words. Hope you’re enjoying your adventures. We’re all excited up here to think that you might make a visit.

  2. Jan A

    Gena, this is just fabulous, I can feel the energy in this painting like I am right in the middle of it all !
    GREAT WORK ! I just love it!


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