Tiger in my Yard!

Only in the past 2-3 years have I noticed these beautiful butterflies in my yard, and what absolute delight they bring.  Please meet the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly (Papillo Glaucus).  This big guy has been providing an airshow almost daily,  for about a month now, and finally he landed in the cedar tree for a few moments yesterday, allowing me to get a good look at him. These spectacular insects ca be as large as 6″ across, and the colours on the wings, the iridescent blue and red dots, the sheer size of them is breathtaking. Keep your eyes peeled; maybe you too will have a visitation. 

If you’d like to own this original watercolour, email Gena with your bid today! gena03@telusplanet.net Minimum bid $100 (plus gst and shipping). First bid, or highest bid wins the painting.

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