Three’s a Crowd

Well I enjoyed every minute of painting this.  I like it SO much better without that garish neon-coloured felt pen!  And it’s a bit whimsical because of the magpie.  It  asks us to wonder what the magpie is going on about….like I think he likes the black horse’s tux and is maybe wanting the number of his tailor?   You can see that our poor sorrel is feeling excluded from the conversation.  There’s always a drama.

10 X 14″ on 140lb Lanaquarelle

One thought on “Three’s a Crowd

  1. Renee Dowling


    You are right the sorrel is looking left out. How funny! I love the “magpie’s” thoughts! I was trying to think of what else the magpie might say, but I think your ideas are hilarious, so I will leave well enough alone!



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