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Under A Winter Moon

Under a Winter MoonWe recently had another fabulous full moon, and I simultaneously came across a photo I’d taken of the tipis at our annual Aboriginal Days celebration.  I woke up this morning with the notion of combining the 2 ideas….probably partly inspired by  the long dark nights and the attraction that brings to fire and heavenly bodies.


Night Ponies Running

MoNight Ponies Runningre in the spirit of fun, these are the spirit ponies on a starry nightwith the Northern Lights snapping and humming overhead while equine energy zaps and pops all around them. I really love doing these fun little paintings and am thinking I may try them in a larger format.  What d’you think?


Laura’s Boots

Bright southern Alberta summer sunshine,  pansies in an old enamel jug, and Laura’s boots & spurs…..that’s my idea of a fine “found still Life.” I “found” it on branding day at the Q last June, and Laura got married a month or so later.  I think maybe this is the wedding present I’ve been trying to come up with for her and Scott.

7 X 9″ on 200lb paper