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Spirit Ponies Trotting

Tonight’s painting is another of my Spirit Pony series.  I found some photos of gathering the ranch horses for branding, and have been using them as inspiration for these little pieces.  I need to look at the photo in order to get the horses legs right.  I know they only have 4 legs, but when they run, it get complicated and if I don’t draw them right,  they soon lose all resemblance to running horses.  To add some whimsy I’m painting them funky colours and scenarios.  It’s fun, and a playing artist is a happy artist.

Night Ponies Running

MoNight Ponies Runningre in the spirit of fun, these are the spirit ponies on a starry nightwith the Northern Lights snapping and humming overhead while equine energy zaps and pops all around them. I really love doing these fun little paintings and am thinking I may try them in a larger format.  What d’you think?



The weather warmed upn for a few days and Her Highness waas out playing “Jungle CatPouncer” and other games.  It’s incredible how evolution has prepared these animals to hunt; like how these stripes blend with the grass, and how the face shape enhances her razor vision. Not usre of the value of the extravagance of tail….or how about that paunch?!  I’m glad though that she has a good life, and wish the same were true for all animals.