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Starry Night Bison

These days it’Starry Night Bisons so dark, and when it’s clear enough there are so many stars, which we we cling to for comfort.  For me, the season  conjures totemic images surrounded by darkness and light.  Today’s painting came with more struggle than usual.  Nothing seemed quite right to me till this bison came to mind. A sacred animal of First Nations People, he symbolizes abundance, and yet we see how vulnerable he was to our arrival on this continent.  Let us be ever mindful of our power to eradicate even such great power and abundance.

Today’s painting is #600 in my daily painting enterprise, which began on Jan 1, 2010.  It feels like quite a landmark, and that’s one reason I wanted to have a more symbolic painting than usual today.  I did miss a few days over the 2 years, and sometimes I posted photography, sometimes larger works I was creating, but mostly I managed to do a painting-a-day!  600 paintings and 50,000 hits on my blog really feels like an amazing feat.  I truly thank all of you who have come along with me, and I hope you’ll continue to do so.  Who knows where this is going?


Aurora Ponies

Aurora Painted PoniesThese painted ponies seem to have taken over lately.  When I stop to think though,  I’ve often done little pony paintings at Christmas time; they make nice little gifts…. I’ve also been trying to work in series this fall, exploring various themes…like my birds, cats, abstracts, and especially these fun little nags   It’s been nearly 2 years since I started this blog and I can’t begin to explain how much it’s done for me as an artist.  I have my good friend and mentor John Farnsworth of Taos, New Mexico to thank for that.  Check out his award-winning web-site and daily painting  and daily photography blogs at www.johnfarnsworth.com.  Thank you Juan!!!

Night Ponies Running

MoNight Ponies Runningre in the spirit of fun, these are the spirit ponies on a starry nightwith the Northern Lights snapping and humming overhead while equine energy zaps and pops all around them. I really love doing these fun little paintings and am thinking I may try them in a larger format.  What d’you think?