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RoxyHere is another of my doggie acquaintances…Roxy.  She came to visit me a couple of weeks ago with her person, Amanda, who grew up next door.  Did you ever see such a sweet face, or eyes that were more like bright little buttons……or a wonkier pair of ears. Sometimes I get real lucky and she gets doggie-sat by me.  Looking for that to happen any time!

Echodale Christmas

Echodale ChristmasThis blog has introduced you before to our gem of a Regional Park here at Medicine Hat, “Echodale”.  It is a restored farm with all kinds of recreational advantages for us all.  Summer time is great there with the poultry and animals in residence, the garden growing and the cooks in the kitchen baking bread in the old wood stove.  But winter is fun too, with hay rides and wiener roasts.  Here it is, the beautiful old log house garlanded up for Christmas.

Doing these latest paintings is gradually getting me in the mood for the Season, and today I had some really great young friends drop by with their various beautiful kids in tow.  Now that REALLY made my day!  Hope your Christmas joy meter is ticking up a notch or 2 every day as well, remembering that it really is all about relationships.

Biddy-ness as Usual

What’s funnier than a chicken? Can anyone tell me?  If I ever really need a laugh, I go and hang out with my friends chickens.  The dramatics and the hysterics are endless.  This looks like a pretty calm moment here, but trust me, that hen on the right is mad as a hatter.  Aside from comic relief, I enjoy the effects of bright sun on feathers, the goofy faces and the exaggerated body language of chickens.  Wish I had some of my own!

5 X 7″ on 200lb paper         SOLD