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Window into the Soul

The eye of a horse is a wonder to behold, the depth and beauty being  beyond compare.  Window to the SoulThe expressions vary from compassion to comedy, indifference or interest….often curiosity.  But the one  I enjoy the most is the devilish twinkly humor that is so often there.  I think they’re laughing at us most of the time, and with good reason I’m sure.  Whatever the expression is, the eye of a horse is a window to a pure and intelligent soul.

Three For New Year’s Eve…daily painting # 615

Thanks to the sage advice of  artist, mentor  and good friend, John Farnsworth, I started this daily Three for New Year's Evepainting blog 2 years ago on Jan. 1.  How those 2 years have flashed by, and here we are, with painting # 615 and heading into 2013!  I thought it fitting that I paint horses to celebrate this anniversary, since horses are my very favourite subject matter.  The daily painting discipline though has surely broadened my range and honed my skills.  It’s opened my eyes to new things and brought me many new friends, via the magic of the internet.  So thanks to each and every one of you who have visited my web-site, my blog or my real life!  Thanks for your comments, likes, and your unflagging support.  Guess we may as well carry on! Here’s wishing everyone Joy and Peace and Light in 2013.

Reindeer Wannabe

Reindeer WannabeThis guy thinks it’s ridiculous that there are no job opportunities for horses such as himself on that North Pole run.  Not being someone who takes injustices lying down,  he’s disguised himself and is going to slip in there and see if anyone notices. ( Look at the sly look in his eye.)  So check it out in a day or two…see if you can see any outsized and oddly spotted reindeer in Santa’s line-up.

Spirit Ponies Descending

Today you get a new large painting I’ve been working on.  Although it’s a continuation on the Spirit Pony theme, it differs Spirit Ponies Descendingin that  it’s entirely out of my head…no photo references at all. I loosely sketched the horses in pencil, and once I had them roughed in, drew them more completely in charcoal.  The painting part was fun, with multiple layers of colour and scribbling back into it with charcoal and gold metallic pen.

27 X 12″ on 300lb Fabriano Paper

Star of the West

Today’s painting was another one born by struggle.  None of the usual subject mStar of the Westatter seemed to hit the spot today, and it’s an odd little dance I do while trying to birth an idea that seems in sync with the season and how I’m feeling about it.  Somehow painting petunias just doesn’t cut it these days!
Eventually, this one came about….2 wise guys and a star.


Horses, runningWhen horses are allowed to live as they evolved to live….in herds, they move as if of one mind.  Horses running in a herd are like a single entity that flows in harmony.  Even as this happens though, it seems that no two are on stride with each other; every horse choosing his rhythm within the band. Such perfection needs no interference from us, and for me, I just want every opportunity to witness it.

5 X 7″ on 200lb paper     SOLD


This morning I found a painting of a surreal-looking black horse, and while I loved the Toronadocolour and movement in the piece, I disliked the fact that the horse was not anatomically correct at all!  So I decided to have a shot at it.  Rarely do I paint or draw anything that isn’t from my own experience, but it’s fun, once in awhile to exaggerate and stretch reality…like I do with the Spirit Ponies.    So here’s my rendition of a wild black stallion…What shall we call him?  Why not Toronado…the name of Zorro’s horse.

Aurora Ponies

Aurora Painted PoniesThese painted ponies seem to have taken over lately.  When I stop to think though,  I’ve often done little pony paintings at Christmas time; they make nice little gifts…. I’ve also been trying to work in series this fall, exploring various themes…like my birds, cats, abstracts, and especially these fun little nags   It’s been nearly 2 years since I started this blog and I can’t begin to explain how much it’s done for me as an artist.  I have my good friend and mentor John Farnsworth of Taos, New Mexico to thank for that.  Check out his award-winning web-site and daily painting  and daily photography blogs at www.johnfarnsworth.com.  Thank you Juan!!!

Spirit Ponies Trotting

Tonight’s painting is another of my Spirit Pony series.  I found some photos of gathering the ranch horses for branding, and have been using them as inspiration for these little pieces.  I need to look at the photo in order to get the horses legs right.  I know they only have 4 legs, but when they run, it get complicated and if I don’t draw them right,  they soon lose all resemblance to running horses.  To add some whimsy I’m painting them funky colours and scenarios.  It’s fun, and a playing artist is a happy artist.