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Three For New Year’s Eve…daily painting # 615

Thanks to the sage advice of  artist, mentor  and good friend, John Farnsworth, I started this daily Three for New Year's Evepainting blog 2 years ago on Jan. 1.  How those 2 years have flashed by, and here we are, with painting # 615 and heading into 2013!  I thought it fitting that I paint horses to celebrate this anniversary, since horses are my very favourite subject matter.  The daily painting discipline though has surely broadened my range and honed my skills.  It’s opened my eyes to new things and brought me many new friends, via the magic of the internet.  So thanks to each and every one of you who have visited my web-site, my blog or my real life!  Thanks for your comments, likes, and your unflagging support.  Guess we may as well carry on! Here’s wishing everyone Joy and Peace and Light in 2013.


RoxyHere is another of my doggie acquaintances…Roxy.  She came to visit me a couple of weeks ago with her person, Amanda, who grew up next door.  Did you ever see such a sweet face, or eyes that were more like bright little buttons……or a wonkier pair of ears. Sometimes I get real lucky and she gets doggie-sat by me.  Looking for that to happen any time!

Winter’s Palette

Winter has settled in here, though it’s warmed up considerably today, after a week of frigid Winter's Palette-20’s.  I visited Polly today and this is our beautiful S. Saskatchewan River valley blanketed in snow.  The river cliffs here have bands of brilliant vermillion (thus the name of the town of Redcliff) and when that contrasts with the cool blue shadows we get in late afternoon, the effect can be stunning.

Bringer of Light

For millenia, ravenBringer of the Lights have enjoyed a reputation among many peoples, as a powerful totem.  They symbolize change, internal growth, introspection and various warnings.  My favourite though is the belief that they bring light to us, the people of the world.  Coincidentally, I saw a raven on Christmas Day, which inspired this raven who brings that gift in the form of an angel.  May Raven’s gift of Light bless you all this Christmas Season.

Biddy-ness as Usual

What’s funnier than a chicken? Can anyone tell me?  If I ever really need a laugh, I go and hang out with my friends chickens.  The dramatics and the hysterics are endless.  This looks like a pretty calm moment here, but trust me, that hen on the right is mad as a hatter.  Aside from comic relief, I enjoy the effects of bright sun on feathers, the goofy faces and the exaggerated body language of chickens.  Wish I had some of my own!

5 X 7″ on 200lb paper         SOLD

Possum Playing Possum

Possum Playing PossumThis cat is truly a character, so it’s quite a good thing that she sleeps as much as she does….we’d need a butler to fulfill all the whims!  But thankfully I get a break while she snoozes.  This is her on her favourite blanket on the back of the couch.  When it’s really quiet, I can hear her snore!