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Star of the West

Today’s painting was another one born by struggle.  None of the usual subject mStar of the Westatter seemed to hit the spot today, and it’s an odd little dance I do while trying to birth an idea that seems in sync with the season and how I’m feeling about it.  Somehow painting petunias just doesn’t cut it these days!
Eventually, this one came about….2 wise guys and a star.

Laura’s Boots

Bright southern Alberta summer sunshine,  pansies in an old enamel jug, and Laura’s boots & spurs…..that’s my idea of a fine “found still Life.” I “found” it on branding day at the Q last June, and Laura got married a month or so later.  I think maybe this is the wedding present I’ve been trying to come up with for her and Scott.

7 X 9″ on 200lb paper