Study for “Groundwork”

OK,  here’s my first painting….just testing!  I did this little piece in order to test the composition of the larger painting which is now hanging in my show at the Esplanade here in Medicine Hat.
I was at my favourite branding at the Q Ranch in June and this image caught my eye.  A young buckaroo-style, baggy-jeaned cowboy was running the Nevada forks.  By the looks of his boots, he’s more comfortable on horseback!  SOLD

2 thoughts on “Study for “Groundwork”

  1. evonnesmulders

    Hi Gena
    This is fabulous! I follow John Farnsworth’s “painting a day” I look forward to it’s arrival every morning. I couple of the paintings I sent on to other folks also.
    I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I’m not sure I can make the commitment quite yet!
    Love to you and a new year full of Joy and mega painting sales!!!!


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