Steven Ave. Stampede Week

It was a brilliant, sunny day here in Calgary, the likes of which we get only a few every year.  The Steven Ave. Mall, the core of downtown, was full of people, eating in cafes on the street, playing, singing and dancing.  I heard native drumming too and a posse of Blackfoot in full regalia rode by on horseback.  I didn’t have my camera, which breaks my heart….a young guy with a headdress of feathers and buckskin breeches, rode  by busily texting from the back of his horse!! Do we have a “Distracted Riding Law”?

I did this little quickie from my camera…the scene just outside the doors of the hotel. Hope you all had a sunny summer day as well.

If you’d like to own this original watercolour, email Gena with your bid today! Minimum bid $100 (plus gst and shipping). First bid, or highest bid wins the painting.

One thought on “Steven Ave. Stampede Week

  1. Renee Dowling

    Wow, that painting is a quickie? That would take me all day or longer! I hope the women in the painting get to see themselves captured in this great piece! I love being on Stephen Ave with all of the architecture, colours and people! I could sit and people watch for hours.


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