Stampede News

Well today, there was no time to paint, so all you get is a photo.  It’s the 125th Anniversary of the Medicine Hat Stampede and my house is full of people.  Great and wonderful people.  Family and friends.  We had a great day; the weather is absolutely perfect, and there was never a dull moment. 

Because of the Anniversary, the Stampede is having a reunion of all the past royalty, so this town is absolutely full to the brim with beautiful cowgirls of every vintage.  They took up 2 city blocks in the parade this morning, mostly on horseback, and were truly a sight to behold. One of them is my darling friend Terri Mappin (whose photography blog is attached to this blog of mine) which is why she and her hubby Brad and their 2 little “dudes” are staying here at my house. Many others of those girls are well-known to me as well,  and beloved because I’ve known them all their lives, or they worked for me in my store, or both!  
I sure hope somebody got some photos in the parade; I was too busy gawking and tearing up, so all you get is another of my favourite subjects….bucking horses as they moved into their pens at the grounds.

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