Red Tops

I’ve always loved hand-made boots, and made my living for 20 years, selling fine boots and western wear.  Leather craftsmanship…..saddle & tack making, gear like this cowboy’s spur straps, and fine boots,  are an art form that has come down from ancient Europe( probably Spain, mostly). It is my hope that these traditions are never lost…them OR the life-style that necessitates them.

2 thoughts on “Red Tops

  1. Thea

    Me too, I love cowboy boots and that is saying a lot since I made a big mark with women’s designer Italian footware during the 80’s! (Thea Swengel Shoes / Scottsdale)Today I am wearing my boots that were made in the late 40’s with TULIP TOPS.They are worn to a thread but I never put them on without a certain joy invading my heart!I also get a certain leak invading my toes if it rains. They are really old but I reach for them when there are brand new ones right next to them! GREAT SUBJECT & GREAT PAINTING!


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