Mother Canada, Mourning her Dead

Today’s painting is from the Canadian War Memorial at Vimy Ridge in France.  Built over an 11 year period after the First World War, this fabulous monument marks the spot where Canada first felt like a country of her own, after our soldiers distinguished themselves in battle there.  I visited Vimy in 2009, and was absolutely stunned by the power of this beautiful piece of art.  There are many sculptures on the monument, but this one is the most powerful, I think, and exemplifies how we all feel on this poignant day of the year, especially with this new war which has seen our Canadian military doing so much good in a scary place on the opposite side of the planet, and in which many of us have suffered personal loss. We Remember.

If you’d like to own this original watercolour, email Gena with your bid today! Minimum bid $100 (plus gst and shipping). First bid, or highest bid wins the painting.

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