Moonrise Lodge

I am so attracted to tipi’s….think I may’ve lived in one in a former life.  One thing’s for sure.  I think they make a whole lot more sense than our current housing style.  Just think about spring cleaning.  You pick it up and move to a nice fresh spot.  However, tonight when it’s -20 I don’t have quite as much enthusiasm.    SOLD

2 thoughts on “Moonrise Lodge

  1. Thea

    A night scene and a TEPE! Perfect subject and a perfect watercolor.

    Check out the post on my Face Book (Thea Swengel) about the international paint off. You would win!

  2. rosaspicks

    I used to have a teepee for camping! It was wonderful, we’d have a fire in there for warmth and everything! What a wonderful painting, reminded me of some good times too!


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