John’s Nouveau Chapeau

Since we’re doing portraits….. (see yesterday’s post)…No wonder I was in trouble all the time at school.  When I try & do people, they turn out like caricatures!

This is (supposed to be) my friend, John Farnsworth. He taught a workshop that I participated in, in France last year and as usual, when John’s teaching,  we all learned SO much and had a really great time. He bought this chapeau in the Eymet village market. 

2 thoughts on “John’s Nouveau Chapeau

  1. John Farnsworth

    One day, not long after I got out of the Army, and was living back in Flagstaff, I ran into my first grade teacher. She looked up at me, her head wobbling, and said, “Why Johnny, you were such a cute little boy. What happened?”
    I looked at this painting and wondered the same.
    I love it. You really nailed me. Thea and Rosa and I have all been rolling on the floor laughing all day. But I did notice that those handsome Canadian Cowboys got a different treatment. No caricatures there.
    Anyway, that looks like one happy guy. And that’s me to a “t”.


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