In His Shoes

When you have a boy-child you never dream that he’ll be a “shoe guy`…that`s what we expect of girls!  Today’s “daily” is one of the many pairs of  “skater“shoes my son has acquired in  his short life.  Then there`s the “chucks”,  the flips flops, the football , track and, rugby cleats.  Oh, and lets not forget  the many pairs of  cowboy boots & work boots,  the  ski and snowboarding boots.

He now wears another kind of shoe all together, built as rugged and tough as all these others put together; built to withstand rocks and dirt and miles of abuse in a hot and inhospitible place on the other side of the planet. Not many of us want to be in his shoes these days.  God bless him and all the other young men in those same shoes.

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