February Feed Ground

Recently I visited family on their beautiful Saskatchewan ranch, and this is the sight that greeted me on my arrival.  As the sun was going down and the sky was threatening snow the cattle contentedly fed.

I did this quick impression in my sketch book, and it is my offering for today.

If you’d like to own this original watercolour, email Gena with your bid today! gena03@telusplanet.net Minimum bid $100 (plus gst and shipping). First bid, or highest bid wins the painting.

2 thoughts on “February Feed Ground

  1. L.W.Roth,

    Lovely watercolor. I’m sure someone has just the right spot for it in their home or office. But I think that you should give more details on the painting–paper weight? Size? Matted? What will the buyer be getting for her money?

  2. Artist, Gena LaCoste

    Linda, thanks so much for your really thoughtful comments. I really appreciate it, and will try and be more conciencious about that in future. This one is a 5 X 7 and just in a little sketch book, so not the best paper. Almost all my posts are 5 X 7, but since Jan 1st, I’ve been posting progress on my bigger pieces when I’m working on one, and I always tell the size and paper on them. The result of switching back & forth to my bigger pieces is probably confusion….will try & be more clear. THanks!


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