Drawing “The Matriarchy”

Today’s blog is the result  of about 3 days worth of drawing.  Remember what I said about watercolours being coloured drawings?  Well that’s really true with the kind of work I do.Thus these horses have to be drawn right, so that I can know where the paint needs to go.  Value is so important, and these are black Clydes, which will make it tricky….there are lost edges within the horses figures where we can’t tell where one horse ends and the other starts.  It’s giving me butterflies, because #1 it’s quite big  (18 X 30) and #2 there’s a lot of really dark shadow in there!  To start I put some grass colour under their feet, so that I can paint their hooves down into the negative spaces that are the grass…that is, IF & When I even get that far!

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