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Song for a Winter’s Day

Well today there isn’t a painting.  I’ve been in my booth at a Christmas market here for 2 days, with no time to paint…just a scramble from start to finish. It was a lot of fun wPolly, grazingith many old friends and family showing up and lots of visiting….some sales of my new books too, which is exciting. Tomorrow, it’s off to Calgary to retrieve my son from the airport, so it’s not looking promising for then either!   Instead, you get a photograph of my beautiful old mare, Polly, enjoying some sun on the snow and a bit of a graze.

Sundown Barn

No painting for you today…too many projects happening and not enough time!  it felt really weird not to paint…or even DRAW today!  Instead lots of computer time, which I swear rots my brain!  
This photo is from my latest cross-country road trip…that gravel road I’d never taken before, which heads straight east at Rolling Hills and winds up in the middle of nowhere.  I love it.  And Look at the beautiful barn I found.  Remember this story next time you want to take the pavement instead of the gravel!

Chain Lakes

This weekend was a celebration with my classmates of our graduation from nursing school many years ago (not saying how many!) We met in Banff and had 3 days of catching up and enjoying the last days of September in one of the most beautiful towns anywhere in the world.  I always like to check out the back roads, so today I took “The Cowboy Trail” from Turner Valley to Chain Lakes and then cut across country to home, gathering fabulous visuals and visits with even more friends. It took all day, so no painting….  Instead, this photo, taken about 25 miles west of Nanton,  of Chain Lakes and the Porcupine Hills stretching up to the Rockies.

Sweetgrass Pronghorn

Well I missed a day because of……a road trip!  And now, rather than a painting, you get a photo.  I took this a couple of hours ago, just north of the American border, on my way back from seeing the Charlie Russell watercolours at the CMRussell museum in Great Falls.  Wow, what a show, and  a nice little getaway! There’s nothing like a trip (even a short one) for priming the artistic pump and cranking up the enthusiasm for life.

A Nod to Summer

Big doings in the family this weekend, and I’m enjoying the festivities, so no painting today.  Instead, a photo…A Nod to Summer, because today there’s a change in the wind, and it has the nip of fall. This is one of the photos from pickling day and here’s my wonky little sunflower (the yellow one) from a blog painting a few days ago.  There’s so much difference between a painting and a photograph, and each has it’s charms. 

Happy weekend all!

Laughing Loon

Today we have a photo, taken this afternoon while canoeing on Police Outpost Lake.  Right  on our border with the US, and a few miles east of Waterton Parks, this beautiful small lake once was the site of a NWMPolice post, established  in about 1880 to keep an eye on illegal whiskey trade.  We spent a peaceful afternoon watching and photographing loons, bald eagles, pelicans, grebes and more!  This gorgeous loon was really ticked off with us, and though he looks like he’s laughing, he was scolding us in that hauntingly beautiful and echo-y voice.

Art Show @ The Hyatt

Well, I risked life and limb and managed to find
(a) downtown Calgary 
(b) the Hyatt Hotel!!!

Got my booth set up in the gorgeous Sandstone Lobby, and am tickled pink to be here. What a beautiful art show we have going!
 So for today, this is all you get.  Summer and life have gotten in the way of my daily painting practice, but maybe I’ll get a chance to paint here today.  Come by & see me if you’re in town! 

Down On the Milk

 There’s some trail riding being done down on the Milk River at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park this weekend.  I go every year at this time and have such a great time there, camping and being with horses and friends.  For Canada Day, I choose to celebrate by hugging a hoodoo…..what did YOU do?

If you’ve never explored this part of the province, go! There are many treasures to be found…..there are more petroglyphs found here than anywhere else in North America, and no wonder with all those fabulous rock walls to carve on!
I did a scratchy little painting there today and will share it with you tomorrow….it’s too late tonight to get a decent photo of it.
Happy Canada Day to all!

Laura and Robert

A photo today…. spent time at a family branding over the past 2 days, and there’s no wireless internet there.  So I confess to taking a day off from painting!
  After a cold and windy week, we had a great day today.  The work got done, the food and company were fabulous, and as always the photo ops were sublime.  This is  my young friend Laura and her pal Robert, heeling calves.

If you’d like to own this original watercolour, email Gena with your bid today! Minimum bid $100 (plus gst and shipping). First bid, or highest bid wins the painting.

Broncs, Dust & Light

Well this makes day 2 with no painting, and I’m going through withdrawal!! Tomorrow doesn’t look a whole lot better.  SUCH a busy week, and I have new plans to show my work at Calgary during the last week of Stampede, at the Hyatt Hotel downtown, so am scrambling to get my work ready for that.It’ll be fun and exciting. 
In honour of that, here’s a photo from a day at Stampede Ranch last fall, with  cowboy, Cole Neely.