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The Hotel @ Elk River

We like to ski @ Fernie and have had many family holidays there.  On the way through I always notice this cute little place and wonder about it.  Located in the picturesque Elk River Valley just east of Fernie B.C. it beckons from the roadside.  If it could talk, I think it’d have some pretty good stories.  Next time I’m through there, I’m going to stop….maybe I’ll hear some whisperings.

Taos Welcome

My friend Marilyn & I arrived in Taos on a sunny afternoon last October, coming into town across the vast sage-brush flats, with Taos Mountain beckoning. Wandering the town, this was a typical sight…a welcome open, blue-painted doorway and ancient adobe walls drenched in sunlight. Ristras and flowers and the promise of treasures inside are like icing on the cake of life!

Belfry’s; Ranchos de Taos

This beautiful old church, the Mission of St. Francis of Assisi, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico is one of the most compelling buildings I’ve ever seen.  It’s huge buttresses, and graceful curving lines all built of mud stucco, along with it’s hand made vigas, carved doors, and these matching belfry’s combine to create a huge impact on the viewer. I am in good company;  Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keeffe both saw the magic here.

Hotel @ Wayne

Have you ever been to Wayne Alberta?  There’s a turnoff just a few miles southeast of Drumheller. Turn south and follow the road across about 6 small bridges, over a twinkly little creek, at the bottom of a fantastic deep and bad-landy coulee, past quaint little farms and arriving finally, here!  Road Trip!
painting-of-the-day; Jan. 7, 2011

Q Ranch Barn @ Sunset

Here’s the barn at the Q….after a broken-computer hiatus.  I kept on making the paintings though, so we’ll be catching up today.  So this post is for Weds the 5th.
Love this beautiful barn and the old OLD rail corrals.  Love the tidy, well stocked tack room and being there with the corral full of snuffy horses and sleepy-eyed cowboys & cowgirls.                 SOLD