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Taos Tow Truck

Time for another truck, doncha think?  This beauty was mouldering in the grass beside a riding arena in Taos New Mexico when I was there a few years ago.  It has a rakish, devil-may-care attitude, with it’s lights on tilt, horns over one eyebrow, and it’s gnarly big tires.  Why don’t they make trucks like they used to?

Tesuque Truck

I have a nostalgia for the fifties, and though I know this little lorry is older than that, I still like how the light bounces off it. I discovered it sitting abandoned in a field just north of Santa Fe.  It’s still standing up straight, after all these years….looks like it’d still go if you gave it a little TLC.  To me these old vehicles are whimsical and sculptural…they have soul after all their years bumping around on the planet,  and to me, they are “Art”.