Carl’s Chuckwagon

So here we have the finished chuckwagon.  I left the background white…I think it’s ok to do that.  This is really more of an illistration for a book than it is a bonafied painting, and it was busy enough without adding the coulees in the photo or even a sky.  I’m the artist so I get to decide! SOLD

10 X 14″ on 140 lb  Lanquarelle

One thought on “Carl’s Chuckwagon

  1. L.W.Roth,

    Your Header painting and Carl’s Chuckwagon immediately caught my eye on Lynem’s blog list. These paintings are very different from what I’ve seen in blogsville these last two plus years I’ve been blogging. They are delightful. I scrolled down but couldn’t find anymore, but I’m going to follow. Come visit me. I was working with watercolors and acrylics, but a portrait commission made me go back to oils. After just a couple little paintings, I’m recalling why I gave them up years ago. What a mess. Nice running into you. I will be back.


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